Centro Museale delle Scienze Agrarie

Based in: Italy

Status: Associated Member

The MUSA, born from the merger of the Museums of Agricultural Sciences, is part of museum's system of the University of Napoli Federico II. Established in 2011, it is located in the Royal Site of Portici. It includes: the Portici Botanical Garden, the Orazio Comes Botanical Museum, the Filippo Silvestri Entomological Museum, the Antonio Parascandola Mineralogical Museum, the Carlo Santini Agricultural Mechanics Museum, the Tito Manlio Bettini Anatomo-Zootecnico Museum and the Historical Library of the museums. The high heritage of the scientific collections of the MUSA, is a testimony to the history of the agricultural sciences and technologies of southern Italy and to the explorations in foreign lands. The MUSA is a constantly evolving museum. Sharing the experiential path with the visitors, it's mission is to express through the museum collections, the cultural value of the architectural and historical-artistic heritage of the place. The key idea is to create territorial synergies based on the relationships between people and their social-cultural history over centuries. 

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Via Università, 100

80055 Portici