TU Wien

Based in: Austria

Status: Founding Partner

TU Wien was founded as the Imperial and Royal Polytechnic Institute in 1815 and in 1865 was divided into five faculties. The first free election of a Rector took place one year later. In 1872, the university was renamed the "Technische Hochschule" (Technical University), with its first-ever doctorates awarded in 1902. In 1919, women were admitted for the first time as regular students. Since 1975, the university has officially been called the "Technische Universität Wien", in English simply TU Wien. TU Wien attained full legal capacity in 2004 as a result of the 2002 University Act. Since then, it has been managed by the Rector’s office and the newly instituted University Council. At the same time, the number of faculties was increased from five to eight. On 6 November 2015, TU Wien celebrated its 200 year anniversary.

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Karlsplatz 13

1040 Vienna